Keeping it Proper

Had an interesting serendipitous meet earlier with one of my new favorite people. I like steady people. You know.. the kind that don’t make an effort to be steady or say they’re chill and anti-drama just because they already are. I’m beginning to think if you say you’re something, you’re probably not it at all.

I digress.

He revealed some interesting things about a mutual friend. How Mr. Self-Righteous has been spending a lot of time judging and preaching and not enough time fixing his own life. Apparently, Mr. S-R is, among other things, in debt and hates it when he’s even reminded about it. And yet he tweets as if he really deserves the pretend gold medal he has around his neck.

Mr. S-R is talented and should, by all accounts, have all sorts of doors open to him. But why is it he can’t seem to punch through to the success he keeps harping is just a snap, beat and drum away?

Then New Favorite Person said something interesting.. he said folks like Mr. S-R make the true Christians look bad.. and that’s why no one likes Christians.

Got to thinking about what he said too to me recently. How we should be not just fighting to keep it real.. but to keep it proper.

Too many Christians walking around like they know what’s what. Too much judging, not enough loving. Dismissing people quickly, not giving them the chance Jesus would over and over again. Thinking, really, they know even better than Him.

How sad.

I walked away from him thinking.. I don’t want to be the kind of Christian people hate. This world has enough of those.

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